Most floors in a retail setting lack character or don't represent your brand. Now you have a solution for branding your business, showing off your personal style, directing clients, drawing foot traffic or just simply having some fun. Ideal for Retail, P.O.P, Restaurants, Banks, Commercial Properties, Etc., the possibilities are truly endless.

Our CPT Flooring is highly durable to heavy foot-traffic and it has a textured slip-resistant surface making it a beautiful and safe addition to your business or facility.

What is CPT Flooring?
Our CPT (Custom Printed Textured) flooring is a clear rollable vinyl.   It is available in our ceramic finish, (the most popular texture), but it is also available in wood grain, coin and diamond plate textures.  At 75 mil, it is the thickest wear layer in the industry.  The high resolution graphics are reverse printed using all UV inks, including white.  Our CPT printed vinyl is backed in white and a top coating is available in matte or high gloss finishes.  We can print panel lengths up to 35' long and 10' wide.

With CPT Flooring The Sky's the Limit!
We can literally print any image on your floor including the sky. Fitting any theme, setting any tone, branding any product and conveying any message is possible with our CPT Flooring. Our Retail Flooring Graphics are durable, safe and look amazing. Below are some examples of great design combined with our resilient CPT Flooring.